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Microsoft Global Virtual Hackathon 2020

Metis Header IMG

Project Metis is a mouse module with a slide-in connector for customization

Mouse drawings

It was made by slicing off the back of the Surface Arc Mouse 👇, leaving the tracking sensor and IC intact. 

Surface Arc Mouse

Surface Arc Mouse

A 3D printed connector is then installed to the front part of the mouse 🖱️ which has optics, batteries & electronics. 


Metis was born out of love 💖

John, an amazing designer and father, made the first prototype, so that his beautiful daughter, Jara, could use a computer mouse in spite of her cerebral palsy. Hear it from John 🎞️. 

Solving for one 👩‍💼

John's design holds Jara's fingers in position and on the mouse. 

Extending to many 👶👩‍🦽👨‍💻👩‍🦯🧓👩‍🎓👨‍🦼

But with a standard connector, we begin to think about how the adaptive mouse core can be used in other situations.
Disability does not equal to.jpg
Disability equals to.jpg

Designing Together

We shipped a mouse core dev kit to our hacking community around the world 🌍.

The Metis Scrapbook 📒

Here’s what the community came up with.
Community hack 1.jpg
Community Hack 2.jpg
Community hack 3.jpg
Community hack 4.jpg

Building an ecosystem


Project Video 📹

The complete Metis story, from ideation to building an inclusive hacking ecosystem. 

The original idea, as well as the wonderful 3D renderings all belong to the most amazing designer and father - John Helmes.

All the Metis website mockups belong to the smartest intern Fabian Nawratil.


Paul Kos is the person that pulled the project through by getting a community of people involved.


Videos are made by me.


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